Please note:The Club will be closed to all activity on Wednesday, July 28th


We are back from vacation and open for business!  While we recognize that COVID hasn’t simply disappeared, we feel that is now appropriate for us to return to business as usual.  This means that we are now open without COVID-related restrictions.

Overnight camping and fishing are once again available to our members and their guests.  (Remember, the Club is closed to all activity from Sunday at 4:30pm through Wednesday at 8:00am, during the off-season.)  If you are camping or fishing overnight, the Clubhouse and its restrooms are again available for your use.  Please remember that you still need to sign-in / sign-out at the Clubhouse when fishing or camping.

We no long require face coverings, nor physical distancing, while in the Clubhouse.  With that being said, we understand that COVID still exists and everyone needs to be mindful of their own health and its potential effect on others.  If you feel ill, or have recently been exposed to someone who is ill, please don’t visit the Club.  Please continue to wash you hands regularly, especially when you are in the Clubhouse.  While we don’t require masks, we certainly do not mind if you wish to wear one.  Do what you need to do to stay healthy, and be considerate of those around you.

We want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and help over the unprecedented, past 18 months.  No matter the issue, our Country works best when we work together.  We look forward to seeing you, on your next visit to the Club.



As our “Early Season” pricing has ended as of May 31st for the 2021-2022 Bird Card Membership, our “Regular Season” tier pricing will resume. 

Our application is available at:  http://www.hihp.com/2021-2022-season-application/

WE ARE EXPERIENCING AN UNUSUALLY HIGH DEMAND for bird cards for the 2021-2022 Season.  If this trend continues, we will very likely need to close our membership, prior to the mid-September opening of the pheasant season.  This year we are processing memberships on a first come, first accepted basis, for existing members who PAY THEIR CARDS IN FULL.  Although you are still welcome to make a deposit toward your card, ONLY FULLY PAID cards will guarantee you a spot for the coming season.  After processing existing members’ applications we will move on to new members – anyone who was not a member last season.  Closing our membership this early and having to prioritize whose membership we will be able to accommodate is a departure from our past practice and is due to the unusually heavy demand

We will still honor our long-time “refund for any reason before September 30th policy”, whether you have made a deposit or have paid your card in full.  But remember, only fully paid cards will guarantee you a spot for the coming season.

Please know that we will continue to only allow 125 people in our fields, at any one time.  We have already arranged to purchase additional pheasants for the coming season.  We intend to continue to operate the Club in the same manner, as we have for decades and will continue to strive to provide you with the best hunting experience possible.

Please feel free to call the Club Office at (707) 678-3325 for further information.


Established for the 1968-1969 hunting season, Hastings Island Hunting Preserve is a State licensed, Zone B, pheasant club located 70 miles east of San Francisco and 35 miles southwest of Sacramento. Nestled in California’s Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta on Hastings Island, this private ranch contains an expansive 4,700 acres, with over 800 acres dedicated solely to prime upland bird cover. The balance of this family farming operation is occupied by Hastings Island Land Company, which provides a rich habitat of Delta irrigated alfalfa, corn, wheat and safflower.

Hastings Island is surrounded by river on all sides, providing you with a variety of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities. There are activities to keep you and your family busy throughout the year. We have dog training, fishing, trapshooting, and picnicking available to our members and their families. During the spring and summer, several local dog clubs host field events.

Hunter Safety Courses, along with introductory orientation sessions are offered to familiarize new members to the Club.  We encourage and enjoy family participation which support our Junior hunters, by offering activities and safety classes.  Our personable and seasoned staff are dedicated to insuring your success.  Please call for an appointment to meet us, tour our operations, and or ask any questions not covered in our Rules and Regulations. Pheasant-Side2.