…and we have been here, awaiting your visit.  After the past couple of weeks of rain, we are still a bit soggy.  But, the weather this weekend has been sunny and beautiful.  There are only 57 days remaining in the current pheasant season, which ends on March 19th.  Don’t wait until the last couple of weeks of the Season to hunt your pheasants – that time of the Season is always very busy.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Membership for the 2022 – 2023 Season is now closed.  We are no longer accepting new members, nor are we selling additional bird cards for the current Season.

Thank you again for your enthusiastic support of the Club and helping make this another successful year.  We are now accepting deposits for the 2023 – 2024 Season.


Now that the State Pheasant Season has ended, we are back to releasing mostly roosters, until they run out.  We anticipate moving back to hens toward the middle to end of February.


We are at the time of year when rainy weather makes access to the Club from Hwy 113 muddy and treacherous.  Whenever it has been raining, and for a few days afterwards, we highly recommend that you access the Club via our bridge on Liberty Island Road – the Rio Vista side of Hastings Island.


Established for the 1968-1969 hunting season, Hastings Island Hunting Preserve is a State licensed, Zone B, pheasant club located 70 miles east of San Francisco and 35 miles southwest of Sacramento. Nestled in California’s Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta on Hastings Island, this private ranch contains an expansive 4,700 acres, with over 800 acres dedicated solely to prime upland bird cover. The balance of this family farming operation is occupied by Hastings Island Land Company, which provides a rich habitat of Delta irrigated alfalfa, corn, wheat and safflower.

Hastings Island is surrounded by river on all sides, providing you with a variety of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities. There are activities to keep you and your family busy throughout the year. We have dog training, fishing, trapshooting, and picnicking available to our members and their families. During the spring and summer, several local dog clubs host field events.

Hunter Safety Courses, along with introductory orientation sessions are offered to familiarize new members to the Club.  We encourage and enjoy family participation which support our Junior hunters, by offering activities and safety classes.  Our personable and seasoned staff are dedicated to insuring your success.  Please call for an appointment to meet us, tour our operations, and or ask any questions not covered in our Rules and Regulations. Pheasant-Side2.