2022 – 2023 All Star Rental Dogs

The Club offers Rental Dogs for Members and guests who do not have dogs of their own and require a trained hunting dog. Our dogs are available for a four-hour period of time at a cost of $75.00. We only allow a maximum of four guns over one dog, and they cannot be run – alongside other dogs at the same time. The Club provides handling commands, an airline crate, and an electronic collar with each dog. We recommend making reservations in advance as our four-paw hunters book out very quickly. The Club’s 2022-2023 Rental Dogs include German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, and an English Setter.

Our four-paw hunters will be great companions for your exciting day of hunting. For specifics about the dog rental, please click here.


“Spark” is German Shorthaired Pointer addition to the Rental String. She is 3 years old now and full of energy. She is joining her parents, “Izzy” and “Smoke”, in hunting with our Members this year.


“Shasta” is a 4-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who is ready to hunt and hunt, and then hunt some more. He works a field diligently and pursues every bird with an intensity that is impressive to watch.


“River” is our newest addition in German Shorthairs. We are already impressed with his hunting talent and look forward to seeing him hunt with our Members.


“Bruiser” – joins our Rental String this year.  His stylish points are second to none and he handles extremely well.  We look forward to many seasons with this German Shorthair Pointer.



As a 6 year old veteran hunter, “MJ”. is a joy to watch on the hunt. This dog is summed up in one word — style.     You will walk away amazed after a hunt in the field with this guy.



“Belle” – this is her 3rd Season, she is a joy to hunt over and we highly recommend her for a morning hunt.



“Navi”  – at 4 years old, this German Shorthair is exciting to hunt over. With his champion bloodlines it shows in every point. Expect a thrilling hunt over with this dog.


“Izzy” – a 6 year old female German Shorthair. Last year was her 4th year on the rental line, she already has a ‘fan club’. We expect awesome things with                               her again this Season.



“Gunner” – a 6 year old English Setter who will not let you down. His points are picture quality and has a great disposition.

Be Sure To Make Your Rental Dog Reservations Early!

The Club is also proud to have three Labrador retrievers: Scout (male) – on the left; Sunny (female) – on the right; Motor (male) – in the middle.  They are also a great addition to our Rental String.

Scout – a 2 year old Yellow Lab is just getting started. He is ready to please & will not miss a retrieve.

Sunny – she is Scout`s sister, always full of energy & ready to hunt.

Motor is a 3 year old Black Lab. He finds the pheasant & sits to flush as you down the bird. You can not go wrong with Motor.