For a modest fee, you can board your dog at our kennel. It provides spacious 160 square foot, covered runs. Twice per day, we feed either our high performance diet or food that  you provide. Your dog will receive a bath prior to pickup. Optional walking, swimming or exercise sessions are also available.

It is our practice to rotate the dogs on our rental line on a regular basis. This provides our members with the opportunity to purchase a professionally trained, seasoned dog at a reasonable price. We place our dogs in good homes while they are still young and fit enough to provide several more years of great hunting for their new owners. Working with a dog during the hunting season that you may be interested in purchasing is a wonderful way to “try before you buy”!

We frequently have puppies available for sale. Our puppies are bred from the top notch dogs of our rental string. Pedigrees and hunting records from the sire and dam are available for preview to those interested in purchasing one of our puppies or rental dogs.

HIHP Kennel

During pheasant season, we designate a specific field where you may engage in dog training. This field has low cover, making it easy to see your dog’s fieldwork, and isolated from the rest of the Club to help prevent your training session from being interrupted by hunting parties. During the off-season, most of the Club’s fields are open to members for dog training. We have several hundred acres of varied terrain available to you to work with your dog. We also sell chukar for those who would like to work their dog on birds.

When designing the best training regimen for your dog, please consider our professional dog trainer, Randy Berry, at Von Steuben Kennels. Randy offers several training programs and services. Depending on the needs of your individual dog, you may choose from starter training for a new puppy, basic field work or troubleshooting sessions for a more experienced dog, or field trial training to polish your dog’s skills. Randy has trained multiple national field winners.  His vast experience in training and field trials represents a great benefit to both our membership and our Rental String.

If you are seeking training or advice, please contact Randy at (707) 344-1230.