Pre-Season Rooster Shoots

The regular hunting season begins, Saturday, September 23rd.  Prior to the start of the Regular Season we will hold several Pre-Season Rooster Shoots.  These Pre-Season hunts are designed to get you excited for the regular season, at a highly discounted price.  Compare the prices below to that of your bird card.  If you are interested in how these hunt work, please keep reading:

Our Pre-Season Rooster Shoots for the 2023 Season will be held on the following days: September 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th and the 21st, with shooting hours from 8:00am to 1:00pm. The price for 4-Bird Pre-Season Rooster Shoot is $150.00. It was also available at a discount price of $350.00 for 10 roosters. Bird cleanings were available at a regular price (prepaid cleaning does not apply to Pre-Season Shoots).  These hunts are for members, whose bird cards are paid in full.  You are welcome to bring only one guest with you for a Pre-Season Rooster Shoot.

Please remember, the Club does not sell hunting or fishing licenses. Our office will be happy to direct you, or you can refer to our website under the Hunting and Fishing License tab, to find a nearby seller for these items. You can also purchase your license(s) directly online from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  However you acquire your license, you will need a valid California Hunting License and an Upland Game Bird Stamp in order to pick up your bird card and field permit, to begin hunting.