This Season’s Events

Tasker Group enjoyed a great day of chukar hunting at the Club!

Maddie Guzman had a great day hunting with her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents! We are thrilled to see whole generations of hunters at the Club!

Chris and Hudson Egmond enjoying a day of hunting with their dog Rudy

From left to right: Christopher Gasser, DJ Sekany, Kevin Gasser (lower), Graham (golden),         Bob Sekany, Jason Gasser. Bob Sekany has enjoyed the Club for over 43 pheasant seasons. He has shared such a wonderful experience with his brother and his grandchildren the past several years. This is the first picture of the “brothers group”.

Janelle and Danielle congratulate members Steve Webb and Michael Ramos who brought in the first pheasants of the 2018-2019 Season, including one wild hen – a great start to the Season!

On a sunny day the group enjoyed a great chukar hunt at the Club! From left to right: Colton Dilena, Chris Zunino, Celeste Cardoni (dog handler), Graden Dilena and John Dilena.

Colton Borland recently passed hunter safety and to celebrate his first shoot, Colton’s grandfather Tom Steipp brought Colton and his dad Tim for a fun day of Chukar hunting at Hastings. Colton easily bagged his first bird!! It’s great to see Tom passing along a great tradition to his son-in-law and grandson. – Aug’18